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Timbertrends, on behalf of the Timber Trade Federation and funded by the Department for International Development, has produced in 2008 a report on UK Timber Industry Certification. The report provides estimates of the quantity of certified softwood roundwood, sawn timber and panel products in the UK in 2008 and includes a comparison with the results from previous reports (for 2005) and an indication of the outlook for 2009.

The previous reports on "Measuring Certification" were produced by Timbertrends for the Forestry Commission, Timber Trade Federation, Confederation of Forest Industries, the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification™ and Sustainable Forestry Initiative. The reports, presenting estimates of the quantity of certified timber consumption and production in the UK in 2005, cover the following sectors:


Technical Notes, providing further information on the purpose of the 2005 research, methodology and analysis are available for:


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