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The Toolbox includes 58 individual toolsheets. These components are all available to download as PDF files.

Download All Toolsheets (5.7 MB)

Download the individual Toolsheets:

Toolsheets Last update
Advertisements May2011
Advisory committee May2011
Briefings May2011
Census & demographic data May 2011
Citizens’ jury May2011
Community issue groups May2011
Consensus building May2011
Co-view May2011
Delphi surveys May2011
Design charrette May2011
Direct observation May2011
Displays May2011
Electronic democracy May2011
Events May2011
Focus groups May2011
Forums May2011
Head, heart, bag, bin May 2011
Interactive displays May2011
Internet surveys May2011
Interviews May2011
Ladder of change May 2011
Leaflets May2011
Media May2011
Newsletters May2011
Newspapers May2011
Nominal group technique May2011
One-to-one contact May2011
Open house May2011
Open space May2011
Participatory appraisal May2011
Participatory budgeting May 2011
Participatory GIS May 2011
Partnerships May2011
Planning for Real May2011
Presentations May2011
Public hearings May2011
Public meetings May2011
Questionnaires May2011
Response cards May2011
Scenario building May 2011
Secondary data May2011
Shared decision-making May2011
Site visits May2011
Small informal meetings May2011
Staffed displays May2011
Stakeholder analysis May 2011
Surgeries May2011
Surveys May2011
Task force May2011
Telephone hotlines May2011
Telephone surveys May2011
Television and radio May2011
Trade-off analysis May 2011
Unstaffed displays May2011
Visioning May2011
Websites May2011
Working groups May2011
Workshops May2011
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