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Social and economic research services

We carry out research to develop a better understanding of the ways in which trees and woodlands can benefit society

Plant, tree, soil and water testing

Chemical analysis of planet, water and soil samples, testing of plant stock quality and tree assessment products

Tree Health Diagnostic and Advisory Service

The Tree Health Diagnostic and Advisory Service provide advice and where possible diagnosis and identification of tree pest and pathogen

DNA-based species identification

By analysis of DNA extracted from samples, Forest Research can identify the presence of cryptic or reclusive species.

Land use and ecosystem services research services

The Land Use and Ecosystem Services Research Group provides services to the forestry and environment sectors.

Technical Services Unit

The Technical Services Unit (TSU) provides technical and environmental services to a broad range of customers across the UK.

DNA fingerprinting

Forest Research uses micro-satellite analysis to produce DNA fingerprints from individual plants.

Technical Development Services

Technical Development develops, evaluates and promotes safe and efficient equipment and methods of work and provides output information, specialist services and advice on forest operations.

Pest management of Dendroctonus micans

Our approach to management is to breed and release a host-specific predatory beetle, Rhizophagus grandis, that is found within the pest’s natural range.

Urban trees services

Our scientists work on topics relating to planning, management and the protection of urban trees.

Habitat Network Analysis Service

Spatial analysis techniques for habitat networks and working with / delivering tailored habitat network analyses.

Pesticide efficacy testing

Plant protection products – herbicides, insecticides and biocides – are only approved for sale and use in the UK once they have completed rigorous registration test.