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The Urban Forest Research Group (UFoRG) delivers scientific knowledge about the UK’s urban forests (all the trees in and around the urban realm – in public and private spaces, along linear routes and waterways, and in amenity areas). The Centre for Excellence for Land Regeneration to Woodland is housed within the group, producing and disseminating the expertise required to deliver sustainable woodland and wider green infrastructure on degraded land.

The group provides a range of services including –

  • Project design and management for urban tree and urban forest research
  • Urban forest optimisation, including opportunity mapping
  • Urban tree valuation
  • Conversion of brownfield land to multifunctional urban greenspace

Services we provide

Research project design and management

These services are focussed on the preparation, management, and delivery of research projects enabling greater understanding of urban trees and the benefits they provide to society.


Urban tree valuation

These services are focussed on the description and quantification of the services and benefits that urban trees provide to society, leading to their valuation. Services include expert application of multiple valuation methods, mixed-method valuation approaches, and natural capital accounting.


Conversion of brownfield land to multifunctional urban greenspace

Forest Research has delivered research and guidance publications on the regeneration (encompassing remediation and reclamation) of previously used land to woodland and wider greenspace for many decades. Our scientists provide expert advice and presentation on quality and sustainable land regeneration.


Urban Forest research partners

The Urban Forest Research Group works in partnership with researchers and policy-makers in other government departments, universities, and non-government organisations. We also work with businesses and charities, professional and membership organisations across the urban planning and urban forest communities.

 For information about any of the above research or services, please contact