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A set of introductory information sheets on a number of biomass related topics. They are designed to give an overview of each topic, drawing attention to some of the key issues

Information on UK manufacturers of biomass pellets, stoves/boilers, grants and equipment distributors. Updated October 2011 (PDF – 383 kB)

Information about small scale (below 2MWe) biomass CHP technologies and somemanufacturers (PDF – 290 kB)

General information about using biomass for domestic scale heating. Compares the key characteristics ofdifferent fuel options. Updated 2010 (PDF – 3 MB)

Information about using wood pellets for domestic heating. Updated 2010 (PDF – 1MB)

General information about heating your home with logs. Updated 2010 (PDF -1MB)

Information about using conventional firewood logs for domestic heating in both traditional log stoves and boilers, and modern, high efficiency batch type log boilers which offer a highly sophisticated central heating system. Updated 2010 (PDF – 1.7 MB)

This document is a technical supplement to Wood as Fuel, A Guide to Choosing and Drying Logs. It is aimed at log suppliers and individuals processing logs for their own use. Updated 2011 (PDF – 968kB)

A simple method for testing the moisture content of wood fuels (PDF – 1.04 MB)

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