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forestry statistics


We produce statistics on a wide range of topics related to forestry. Our main statistics are published annually in Forestry Statistics and summarised in Forestry Facts and Figures.

forestry and tree health resources

Forestry and tree health resources

Forest Research and its partners have developed a series of free resources and useful tools to help the forestry industry. Please get in touch with the individual teams if you require further information on any of the tools or resources.

forestry national forestry inventory

National Forest Inventory

The National Forest Inventory (NFI) programme monitors woodland and trees within Great Britain. It includes the most in depth survey carried out on Britain’s woodland and trees to date. The NFI provides an extensive and unique record of key information about our forests and woodlands.

tree species database

Tree species database

Information on over 60 tree species that are either widely grown in British forests at the present time or which could play an increasing role in the future.

seed storage database

Seed Storage database

In nature, the germination of dormant seeds may be triggered by different phenomena such as the cycle of one or more cold winters followed by the warmth of spring; cycles of burial followed by re-exposure to light; passage through a bird or animal gut, fire, or various combinations of these treatments. Artificial substitutes which can be used as dormancy breakage treatments often mimic these conditions and are termed pre-sowing treatments or more commonly