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forestry statistics


Explore our statistics on a wide range of topics related to forestry. Our main statistics are published annually in Forestry Statistics and summarised in Forestry Facts and Figures.

forestry and tree health resources

Forestry and Tree Health Resources

Discover our free resources and useful tools, developed in collaboration with our partners, to help the forestry industry.

forestry national forestry inventory

National Forest Inventory

The National Forest Inventory (NFI) is an ongoing program that delivers accurate data on forest and woodland size, distribution, composition, condition, and changes over time in Great Britain.

tree species database

Tree species database

Find information on over 60 tree species that are either widely grown in British forests at the present time or which could play an increasing role in the future.

seed storage database

Seed Storage database

This database outlines common tree seed dormancy characteristics and treatments which can be applied to maximise germination success.