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ahrf_meteo150.jpg ahrf_treeshelter.jpg ahrf_straits150.jpg ahrf_measurement.jpg ahrf_crop150.jpgConduct studies in a known context, with access to the forest and 50 years’ historic scientific data

Research possibilities at Alice Holt Forest

As an ancient woodland, working forest and woodland park, Alice Holt Forest offers you a rare opportunity to conduct studies in a known context, with a wealth of existing information already available across many aspects of forestry and environmental science – from flora and fauna to climate, carbon fluxes, soils and topography.

Providing opportunities for research in areas such as ecology, sustainability, biodiversity and climate change, Alice Holt Forest can also support emerging interests, such as social forestry – for example linking ecosystem science with public policy.

What we provide

  • A known environmental context in which to carry out new research
  • Access to 50 years’ data from well-organised databases, including: physiographic, soil and vegetation information; stand and silvicultural histories
  • A wide variety of native and non-native tree species available for study
  • An established woodland park, offering social research opportunities
  • A secure site with long-term tenure
  • Meteorological records since 1949, collected in line with Met Office standards.

Our Technical Services Unit, who have detailed knowledge of Alice Holt Forest, are available by separate commission to assist your research, for example, by laying out, maintaining and measuring experiments.

Alice Holt Research Forest is a member of a number of European and global research networks. These links provide a strong science network and facilitate knowledge sharing with the wider research community.

Further information

If you would like more details on Alice Holt Research Forest or to discuss the possibility of carrying out research at Alice Holt, please contact:

Sue Benham

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