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UK Biomass & Biogas Carbon Calculator from Ofgem

A calculator developed by E4Tech, with support from the Environment Agency, the Department of Energy and Climate Change and the NNFCC, and made available by Ofgem

The UK Biomass and Biogas Carbon Calculator is developed for calculating carbon intensity and greenhouse gas (GHG) saving of solid biomass and biogas used for electricity and heat generation. The UK Biomass & Biogas Carbon Calculator incorporates the calculation methodology set out in the Renewable Energy Directive1, taking account of the recommendations set out by the European Commission in their report on sustainability requirements for solid and gaseous biomass2. The tool is designed to assist in calculating the final GHG emission saving that should be reported to Ofgem

Carbon Trust biomass system decision support tool

A sophisticated tool developed by the Carbon Trust in collaboration with Strathclyde University and the Campbell Palmer Partnership as an aid to those investigating and/or specifying biomass heating systems

Suffolk County Council Biomass Wizard, Feasibility Wizard and Payback Wizards

These tools have been developed by Gary Battell of Suffolk County Council. Many of the spreadsheets have been designed to address specific problems encountered while specifying and designing wood-fired heating installations in Suffolk County council owned buildings. Some of these spreadsheets have been reviewed by commercial boiler installers and heating engineers and all represent many years of practical experience of designing, procuring and using woodfuel boilers and woodfuel supply chains.

Subject areas covered include:

  • Data conversion tables
  • Calorific values or different fuel types
  • Summaries of pollution control regimes and legislation
  • District heating
  • Boiler sizing
  • Fuel storage costs
  • Project management and responsibilities
  • Fuel costs
  • Heat sale tariffs
  • Wood densities
  • Wood chip production costs
  • Regional and county forestry statistics

Please note that these tools have been designed to run on Excel 2007 (or newer) and are not compatible with earlier versions.

These tools may not cover all the parameters relating to wood-fuelled installations and projects, and as such are no substitute for project-specific expert advice.

While the Biomass Energy Centre endeavours to provide accurate information and data, these materials have been produced by a third party and as such it makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability or suitability of the guidance and benchmarks contained or generated herein.

The user understands that neither the Biomass Energy Centre nor the Forestry Commission accept any liability for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from any use of or reliance on these tools and that that use of these tools does not constitute a contract wherein any conditions, warranties or other terms implied by statute or common law can be relied upon.

A sophisticated calculator developed by Gary Battell at Suffolk County Council to assist in the feasibility study and specification of biomass boilers (Excel 2007 Spreadsheet – 6.5 MB)

The Feasibility Wizard component of the Suffolk County Council biomass boiler tools from Gary Battell (Excel 2007 Spreadsheet – 1.0 MB)

Tool from Suffolk County Council to calculate payback time for biomass systems over 1 MW (Excel 2007 Spreadsheet – 1.27 MB)

Tool from Suffolk County Council to calculate payback time for biomass systems under 1 MW (Excel 2007 Spreadsheet – 1.25 MB)

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