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  • hcbc_001t.jpg
    Healthy horse chestnut
  • <hcbc_002t.jpg
    Crown dieback and premature leaf loss in mature horse chestnut
  • hcbc_003t.jpg
    Crown dieback and yellowing foliage associated with bleeding canker
  • hcbc_004t.jpg
    Premature leaf fall followed by death of a red horse chestnut
  • hcbc_005t.jpg
    Mature horse chestnut felled because of bleeding canker
  • hcbc_006t.jpg
    Bleeding on trunk at soil surface
  • hcbc_007t.jpg
    Active bleeding canker and bark cracking following earlier cankering episode at base of tree
  • hcbc_008t.jpg
    Cracks associated with bleeding on trunk
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