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The Biomass Energy Centre resources have a new home

1054928big.jpgPreviously hosted on the Biomass Energy Centre (BEC) website, the resources available on these pages offer the most authoritative information on biomass energy. From advice on equipment to regulatory information, these comprehensive resources have been revamped and are free to our users.

N.B. You may have been redirected here when trying to follow a cached or bookmarked link to a page in the old website. Most of the core contents from the old site should still be available, however the site structure has been reorganized a little so it may be in a different place. Some information that is time sensitive, or relates to bioenergy topics not relevant to forestry (such as AD, for which go to the Official AD Portal) has not been retained.

General background information about what biomass is and why you might want to use it.

Information about types of woodfuel, where it comes from and how it can be produced. There is information about forestry as a source of woodfuel and also energy crops.

Information about the different types of equipment available to make use of the various forms of woodfuel, some of their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

International standards and specifications for solid biofuels and equipment help ensure efficient, safe, trouble free operation, regulations to ensure equipment is installed safely and pollution is avoided. Also information on sustainability and emissions.

This section contains the facts and figures pages, the publications and downloads, links and the glossary.

This (external link) leads to the official government database of suppliers biomass fuel within the UK that meets the eligibility requirements for supply to installations supported under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). The home page gives links to guidance on how to register.

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