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Inform the public about the condition of the oaks by putting a notice of information about the condition at various access points to the woodland.

Acute oak decline – symptoms show extensive stem bleeding

Some of the oak trees in this woodland area are suffering from a disease condition known as ‘Acute oak decline’. A main symptom of this disease is extensive stem bleeding. Scientists from Forest Research (the official research agency of the Forestry Commission) are investigating the causes of the problem.

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How can you help prevent spreading this disease?

Please help protect healthy oak trees in the following ways:

  • Avoid contact with symptomatic trees.
  • Do not touch the bleeding areas on tree stems.
  • If you have been walking in an area where there are diseased trees, clean soles of walking shoes and bicycle tyres before walking in areas where trees are not yet affected.
  • Do not remove dead wood, branches or infected bark from the wooded area.

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