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This publication provides estimates of sales of improved nursery stock by nurseries
in Great Britain each planting year (October to September). The data cover sales of
Sitka spruce and Scots pine to public and private sector clients in Scotland. Sales of
these species in Great Britain are also reported.

The data in this release have been obtained from a voluntary survey of nursery
businesses in Great Britain, run on behalf of Scottish Forestry, to monitor the level
of improved nursery stock.

“Improved nursery stock” refers to genetically improved Sitka spruce and Scots
pine stock raised from seed of seed orchard origin and by vegetative propagation of
parent material derived from controlled crosses. These trees are predicted to grow
faster and produce better timber than unimproved stock.

Key findings

  • A total of 46.4 million plants (91%) derived from improved nursery stock
    were sold to Scotland in 2021/22.
  • Of all sales in Great Britain in 2021/22, 56.2 million plants (92%) were
    derived from improved nursery stock, a decrease of 20% (or 11.4 million
    plants) compared with the previous year. This decrease represents a return to
    sales seen in earlier years, particularly since 2016/17.


Coverage: Great Britain

Geographical breakdown: Scotland

Statistician: Simon Maxwell

Enquiries: Francisco Gonzalez

Tel: 0300 067 5238



Next update: Future release dates to be confirmed.

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