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Field Survey Pack (PDF-889K)


  • Forestry Commission Soil Classification System
  • Key to identifying humus form, grasses, ferns and sedges used in ESC
  • Recording forms for% cover and% Stoniness Estimation chart.

ESC User’s Manual – Version 3.0 (PDF-1311K)

  • Ecological Site Classification Overview & Data
  • Accessing ESC online
  • Adding a site
  • Ecological Site Classification Site Report
  • Adjusting soil data
  • Species Analysis
  • Future Climate Analysis
  • Species Descriptions

Forestry Commission Field Guide – The Identification of Soils for Forest Management
Fiona Kennedy, 2002

The aim of this Field Guide is to assist forestry practitioners in making responsible management decisions by providing them with a means of rapid soil identification. This is done via a series of keys aimed at those with little or no experience of soil classification.

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Tools & Resources