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A selection of reports and studies on the use of biomass co-products and industrial wastes as fuel

Wood waste market in the UK

2009 Report from WRAP giving an updated estimate of wood waste arisings in the UK and discusses the current and future economic drivers affecting the wood waste market (PDF – 202 KB)

Waste wood as a biomass fuel

A Defra market report on the use of waste wood as fuel (PDF – 304 KB)

The potential use of waste wood in the North East as an efficient biomass fuel source

A report commissioned by Northwoods looking at the use of waste wood as a fuel (PDF – 219 KB)

Co-firing sewage sludge and biomass

A project to assess the viability of using advanced solid fuel gasification and combustion technologies to co-fire sewage sludge and biomass (PDF – 5.1 MB)

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