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Household surveys in Wales

The National Survey for Wales began in March 2016 and replaced a number of separate surveys of households in Wales, including the Welsh Outdoor Recreation Survey (WORS). The survey is completed by around 12,000 people each year and covers a wide range of topics. Further information on the survey, including copies of reports and data, is available at

Table 6.3 shows the reasons provided for their visit to the outdoors by respondents who stated that the main destination of visit was woodland. “Health and exercise” and “fresh air or to enjoy pleasant weather” were important reasons for visits to woodlands in Wales.

Table 6.3 Reasons for visit to woodland or forest – Wales

Woodland visit characteristics 2016-17 2017-18
per cent of respondents    
For health or exercise 47 55
For fresh air or to enjoy pleasant weather 50 47
For pleasure / enjoyment 42 42
To spend time with family 39 41
To relax and unwind 34 41
To enjoy scenery and wildlife 38 39
To exercise the dog 38 30
For peace and quiet 22 29
To spend time with friends 16 22

Source: National Survey for Wales (Welsh Government).


1.  Visits where the main destination was woodland.

2.  Respondents were able to select more than one option, so results do not sum to 100%. 

3.  Excludes other reasons for visiting, each reported by fewer than 20% of respondents in 2017-18. 

These figures are outside the scope of National Statistics.  For further information see the Source chapter.

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