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Service overview

Forest Research uses micro-satellite analysis to produce DNA fingerprints from individual plants. This allows us to determine whether the plant is a genetically distinct individual or a clone, perhaps grown from suckers or cuttings. Clonal identification helps to inform biodiversity initiatives, tree conservation programmes and silvicultural practices. It is also useful for tracking tree identity in breeding programmes and for meeting Forest Reproductive Material regulations.

DNA sampling

Features and benefits

  • Personal touch: direct access to laboratory staff means you can discuss your requirements, obtain advice and receive an appropriate and effective service
  • Research active: our laboratory is involved in numerous biodiversity and conservation projects, adding wider perspective to your specific context
  • National expertise: Forest Research maintains a national database with microsatellite fingerprints for rare black poplars in the UK
  • Partnership benefits: good working relationships with conservation groups and forest scientists to develop biodiversity strategies and breeding programmes

Costs and charges

Every project has its own specific needs and we take care to discuss these with the customer at the outset of any contract. We aim to deliver best value for money.


For further information about the service, please contact:

Dr. Stuart A’Hara