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H fraxineus fruiting bodies FC cropped.jpg

The tiny white Hymenoscyphus fraxineus fruiting bodies on the rachises (stalks) of the previous year’s fallen leaves from an infected ash tree. These mushroom-like fruiting bodies develop and burst open in summer, releasing thousands of spores into the air. The spores can be blown by the wind on to the leaves and bark of healthy ash trees, infecting them with Chalara ash dieback.

Chalara symptoms blackened bud cropped.jpg

Blackened buds and wilting leaves of an ash tree in the early stages of Chalara ash dieback infection.

Chalara symptom lesion with leaf scar crop.jpg

Chalara ash dieback lesion associated with leaf scar.

Infected mature ash Denmark cropped.jpg

Mature ash trees in Denmark with Chalara ash dieback

Chalara symptoms cut trunk crop.jpg

Brown staining of ash caused by Chalara ash dieback.

Chalara-symptoms-wood-staining-1 cropped.jpg

Another view of wood staining caused by Chalara ash dieback.

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