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  • hcbc_018b.jpg
    Bark cracking and bleeding on the branches of felled horse chestnut
  • hcbc_019.jpg
    Intense bleeding on the branches of infected horse chestnut
  • hcbc_020.jpg
    Bleeding in crown of horse chestnut
  • hcbc_021t.jpg
    Severe bleeding on branches
  • hcbc_022t.jpg
    Bleeding and associated bark splits, with signs of attempted callusing
  • hcbc_023t.jpg
    Bleeding and bark cracking on the major braches of mature horse chestnut
  • hcbc_024t.jpg
    Bleeding canker damage to major branches
  • hcbc_025t.jpg
    Bleeding cankers on the branches of a 10 year old tree
  • hcbc_026t.jpg
    Edge of extending necrotic lesion in phloem with crusted exudate on bark surface
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