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The Right Tree in the Right Place for a Resilient Future

The Urban Tree Manual provides advice on selecting and procuring the right tree for the right place in urban areas. It also highlights long term issues of the threats to existing trees from pests, disease and climate change, and describes the benefits to the environment and for well-being that urban trees can provide.

The Manual is not intended as an exhaustive compendium on tree selection, aftercare and management. Instead, it presents current thinking on these matters and provides valuable sign posting to further relevant information.

The Manual is useful for anyone involved in planting trees in towns and cities but is primarily aimed at local authorities, charities, community groups and land owners.

Contents of the Manual

Section 1         Location: choosing the site and assessment of constraints

Section 2         Tree Selection: decision support and thinking long term

Section 3         Ecosystem Services: the benefits of trees

Section 4         Biodiversity: tree selection to enhance and support biodiversity

Section 5         Procurement: contract growing and procurement policies and standards

Section 6         Planting and Establishment: ground preparation, production system choice, mulching, weeding, watering, formative pruning

Section 7         Pests and Diseases: threats, signs, symptoms and management solutions

Project Partners

This manual has been produced for Defra by Forestry Commission, England with expert author inputs from Forest Research , Animal and Plant Agency, University of Birmingham, Royal Horticultural Society.


Kieron Doick or Helen Townsend, Policy and Advice Team, Forest Services, Forestry Commission England


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