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Biomass heating user guide

A publication from the Carbon Trust aimed at businesses and public sector organisations interested in implementing a biomass heating project. It provides a detailed introduction to the policy background of the technology – covering key issues such as sustainability and fuel supply, as well as going on to provide a detailed introduction to the technicalities of fuel and plant operation.

Biomass Task Force Report to Government

Published in October 2005 this report made proposals aimed at optimising the use of biomass to help government meet a number of policy targets (PDF – 505 kB)

The Government’s response to the Biomass Task Force report

Published in April 2006 this document outlines how government will take forward recommendations made by the Biomass Task Force (PDF – 639 kB)

The UK Renewable Energy Strategy

July 2009 (PDF – 2.47 MB)

Answers to ten Frequently Asked Questions about bioenergy, carbon sinks and their role in global climate change

Answers to ten frequently asked questions about bioenergy and its role in helping ameliorate climate change, published by the IEA (International Energy Agency) Bioenergy Task 38 (PDF – 365 kB)

Forestry Commission Woodfuel Strategy for England

Published March 2007, the Forestry Commission England Strategy that set’s out its target to deliver an additional 2 million tonnes of ‘woody’ biomass into a sustainable woodfuel industry by 2020 (PDF – 4.0 MB)

How much bioenergy can Europe produce without harming the environment

A report from the European Environment Agency (PDF – 2.4 MB)

The UK Bioenergy Strategy

April 2012

Woodfuel meets the challenge

A Forestry Commission leaflet offering practical information about using woodfuel (PDF – 1.5 MB)

Wood fuel for warmth

Published by the Sustainable Development Commission Scotland in 2005. Includes price comparisons, barriers and discussion of the supply chain and greenhouse gas and employment benefits (PDF – 1.9 MB)

Waste wood as a biomass fuel

A Defra Market Information Report: April 2008 (PDF – 304 kB)

Greenhouse gas balances of biomass and bioenergy systems

A report from IEA Bioenergy Task 38 presenting a systematic framework for assessing the net GHG emissions for bioenergy systems (PDF – 372 kB)

Wood for energy

A colourful poster intended for schools and the public, available from the Biomass Energy Centre as an A1 poster. (PDF – 1.0 MB)

This is also available in a loose leaf ring binder format for £10 from the Forestry Commission. Please visit for details

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