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We produce statistics on a wide range of topics related to forestry.

Our main statistics are published annually in Forestry Statistics and summarised in Forestry Facts and Figures.

To access statistics released in the last 12 months, visit our recent publications page. Information on statistics due to be released in the next 12 months is available on our forthcoming releases page.

Alternatively, you can visit our statistics by topic pages to access our statistics or the National Forest Inventory (NFI) pages for further information on the NFI. 

We comply with the Code of Practice for Statistics. For further information on how we do this, visit our About our statistics pages.

Recent Official and National Statistics releases

13 July 2023

Public Opinion of Forestry 2023: UK and England

Public Opinion of Forestry 2023: Wales

Public Opinion of Forestry 2023: Scotland

6 July 2023

Public Opinion of Forestry 2023: Northern Ireland

15 June 2023

Provisional Woodland Statistics 2023 (NS)

Forestry Commission Key Performance Indicators: Report for 2022-23

18 May 2023

Timber Price Indices: data to March 2023 (NS)

UK Wood Production and Trade: 2022 provisional figures (NS)

Joint Forest Sector Questionnaire: Provisional 2022 data

17 November 2022

Timber Price Indices: data to September 2022 (NS)

16 November 2022

Forestry Commission Key Performance Indicators: Headline Performance Update at 30 September 2022

20 October 2022

Joint Forest Sector Questionnaire: Final 2021 data

Timber Forecast Questionnaire 2022: UK forecast

29 September 2022

Forestry Statistics 2022 (NS)

Forestry Facts and Figures 2022 (NS)

Nursery Survey 2022


Contact us

If you can’t find the statistics you need or have any other statistics-related queries, you can contact us at:

Tel: 0300 067 5238

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