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Members are required to declare relevant outside interest prior to taking up an appointment with the group and when an additional potential conflict of interest arises in relation to particular business. Members of the group have agreed to the following:

  • You must declare to the Chairman any personal or business interest which may, or may be perceived (by a reasonable member of the public) to influence your judgement in performing your functions and obligations as a member of the Expert Group on Timber and Trade Statistics. These interests include (without limitation), personal direct and indirect pecuniary interests, and, any such interests of your close family members and/or of people living in the same household as you or as your close family members.
  • You must inform the Chairman in advance of any new appointments that may impinge on your performance of your functions and obligations under this Agreement.
  • It will be your responsibility to withdraw from any discussions where you have any interests that may, or may be perceived to, influence your judgement.
  • All information on potential conflicts of interest will be held by the Chairman’s Office and could be disclosed to the public under the Freedom of Information Act (2000). In entering in to this agreement and accepting your position on this group you thereby consent to this disclosure.
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