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Types of woodfuel

Wood can be used as a fuel in different forms. Each of these forms has its advantages and drawbacks and it is important to know which is the most appropriate in a given situation.

The simplest form of woodfuel, requiring little specialist equipment to prepare. Consequently lends itself well to self-supply. However does not lend itself to an automated heating system.

Allows a fully automated heating system, and also potential for self-supply, however a specialist, woodfuel quality chipper is required, and large volume storage.

Clean, free flowing, high energy density, allowing a fully automated heating system with sophistication on a par with the best fossil fuel systems. Delivered by tanker, but no option for self supply.

An alternative to firewood that is dryer, denser and cleaner, especially suitable for those with limited storage space. Lacks the “natural” look of traditional firewood.

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