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Conduct studies in a known context, with access to a wide range of habitats, including extensive forests, and many years’ historic scientific data

Research possibilities in the Dyfi Research Platform

The Dyfi Catchment and Woodland Research Platform will support study of multi-functional landscapes at a catchment scale, where the relative roles of biodiversity, geology, hydrology, geomorphology, soils, vegetation, climate and human activities can be examined in an integrated research and monitoring programme.

The Dyfi catchment comprises a wide range of habitat types, from blanket bogs in the mountains, through woodland and farmland, down to the coastal salt marshes, mud flats and sand dunes. Each of these habitat types provides a unique range of ‘ecosystem services’ that are important to people living and visiting the Dyfi. For example, farmland and woodland deliver services such as food and timber; blanket bogs provide services such as carbon sequestration and flood alleviation; while sand dunes provide services of recreation and tourism.

What we provide

  • A known environmental context in which to carry out new research
  • A long history of research endeavour, notably by staff and students at Aberystwyth university
  • Databases, including: hydrological, physiographic, soil and vegetation information; land-use histories and silvicultural
  • A range of land-uses, including farmland, woodland and forest (native and non-native tree species), fluvial and marine environments
  • An established culture of research and investigation, and working partnerships.

Our Technical Services Unit, who have worked for several decades in the Dyfi Platform area, are available by separate commission to assist your research, for example, by laying out, maintaining and measuring experiments and other studies, or supporting surveys and monitoring activities.

The Dyfi Catchment and Woodland Research Platform is linked to a number of national, European and global research networks. These links provide a strong science network and facilitate knowledge sharing with the wider research community.

We welcome collaboration to extend the existing research and monitoring input in the Dyfi Catchment area. Please get in touch if you would like to work with us on this multi-disciplinary research initiative.





Further information

If you would like more details on the Dyfi Catchment and Woodland Research Platform or to discuss the possibility of carrying out research there, please contact:

Forest Research 
Environment Centre Wales 
Deiniol Road 
LL57 2UW

Tel: 0300 067 5774 

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