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Data on forest accounts is collected annually by Eurostat. The EFA cover stocks and flows of woodland and timber, and economic data on forestry.

Latest return:

European Forest Accounts: UK 2017 data [XLSX, 66kb]

European Forest Accounts: UK 2017 data [ODS, 25kb]

Coverage: United Kingdom

Geographical breakdown: None

Statistician: Sheila Ward

Contact: Robert Stagg

Tel: 0300 067 5238



Next update: TBC

Pre-release access:

Information on pre-release access to Forestry Commission official statistics can be found on the pre-release access pages, including lists of the individuals who are given pre-release access to specific publications.

Previous returns

Copies of recent UK returns submitted by the Forestry Commission, are available below

Prior to the introduction of the EFA, data on Integrated Environment and Economic Accounting for Forestry (IEEAF) were collected by Eurostat, as follows;

Prior to the introduction of the IEEAF, data on Economic Accounts for Forestry were collected annually by Eurostat. This collection ceased in 2005.

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