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Information on visitors to Forest Service sites in Northern Ireland is provided by the Forest Service and relates only to sites where an admission charge is made.

In Northern Ireland in 2018-19, 532 thousand people visited those Forest Service sites where an admission charge was made (Table 6.7).  This represented a 5% increase from the previous year, but remained lower than the peak in 2016-17.

Table 6.7 Day visitors to Northern Ireland Forest Service sites1

Year Visitors to Forest Service sites
2009-10 473
2010-11 468
2011-12 430
2012-13 340
2013-14 364
2014-15 397
2015-16 432
2016-17 584
2017-18 509
2018-19 532

Source: Forest Service


1. Number of people visiting sites where an admission charge was made, excluding campers.

These figures are outside the scope of National Statistics.  For further information see the Source chapter.

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