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The Survey of Round Fencing Manufacturers is an annual survey conducted by the Forestry Commission (in association with the Forest Service) of round fencing manufacturers (or mills) in the UK that are believed to consume UK-grown roundwood. Results from the survey are published in statistical releases produced by the Forestry Commission and are used by a range of others.

More information on the survey can be found in the following documents:

Survey of round fencing manufacturers quality report – relevance, accuracy, timeliness and punctuality, accessibility and clarity, comparability, coherence and revisions.

Survey review:fencing survey – 2013 in-depth review: findings and action plan.

Methodology note: fencing survey – documentation on the methods and processes involved in data collection, and the editing and imputation performed on the survey.

Fencing survey questionnaire – recent changes to the questionnaire and purpose of each question included in the survey.

Background information, historical response rates and further information on the survey are available in the latest edition of Forestry Statistics.

Copies of the questionnaires sent to businesses in recent years can be found below:

2018; 2017; 2016 ; 2015 ; 2014;


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