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Climate Change Factsheet Series

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About the series

The changing climate is affecting our trees, woodlands and forests; how they function, the types of habitats they provide, the way they need to be managed, and all the benefits they provide for society. Forest Research has been carrying out research for many years that helps us understand the direct and indirect impacts of climate change, the role of trees and forestry in helping reduce impacts, and the ways that management practices may need to change to provide resilient trees, woodlands and forests for the future. This series of ‘Climate Change Factsheets’ outlines key information about particular topics, informed by that research. These concise summaries are intended for individuals and organisations wanting to understand more about trees, woodlands and forests and climate change, and as signposts for other more detailed information resources.

Climate change factsheet topics

Links to our climate change research

Climate change impacts
Climate change mitigation

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