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Acute Oak Decline Popular Knowledge Exchange


Schematic diagram of the life cycle of Agrilus biguttatus on native oak trees in Britain – from egg to adult (PDF-261KB)

Environmental predisposition factors to acute oak decline in England and Wales (PDF-803KB)

LAMP as a tool for rapid identification of subterranean oak roots (PDF-375KB)

Rapid detection and quantification of bacteria associated with Acute Oak Decline (PDF-626KB)

Revealing the complex pathology of Acute Oak Decline, a major threat to Britain’s native oak (PDF-3MB)

Towards field diagnostics of oak declines: volatile analysis of oak foliage (PDF-3MB)



A Multifaceted Systems Approach Identifies Polymicrobial Cause of AOD Stem Necrosis




A workshop was held in February 2020 to update stakeholders on research into oak tree health.  A short film summarising the day is available



Woodland Heritage ’Saving our oak’ film 

This is a short film explaining the threat to British oak trees from acute oak decline and the need for research to help us better understand the problem.




British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) webinar

Investigating Complex Oak Decline-Diseases: Predisposition Factors with Relevance for Resilient Oak in Designed Landscapes (Dr Sandra Denman, Forest Research) (PDF-5MB)

Invasive forest pests – what risk to the UK? (Dr Daegan Inward, Forest Research) (PDF-6MB)


Research updates

AOD Newsletter supplement, Woodland Heritage Journal (2019) (PDF-2MB)

AOD Newsletter supplement, Woodland Heritage Journal (2017) (PDF-2MB)

AOD Newsletter supplement, Woodland Heritage Journal (2015) (PDF-2MB)


Links to Twitterfeed and Blog

UK research effort on oak diseases (Andy Gordon, Lead Observatree Volunteer)

Tools & Resources
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Tools & Resources