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The UK forest scene recently lost one of its luminaries with the sudden death of Bill Mason in Edinburgh on 8th June.

Tom Locatelli, Senior Climate Change Scientist and Project Leader – Wind Risk in a Changing Climate, talks about wind risk in forestry and how ForestGALES helps foresters and land managers plan and manage woodlands and forests.

International conference and workshop on wind risk and the ForestGALES/fgr wind risk model successfully delivered in Scotland.

Mark your calendars with dates of major events and shows that we’ll be attending in 2024.

Lord Douglas-Miller OBE, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at Defra and Minister for Biosecurity, Animal Health and Welfare, visited Forest Research’s Alice Holt research station.

A new national monitoring project aims to help prevent the potential spread of a serious pest affecting spruce trees – the larger eight-toothed European spruce bark beetle (Ips typographus).

Pankajini Samal working in the Forest Research laboratory.

Determination, willpower…and a pinch of luck!

6th February 2024

My name is Pankajini Samal and I work as a research assistant in the pathology department at Forest Research (FR).…

Discover Pankajini Samal’s inspirational story as we celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

Forest Research part of transdisciplinary hub looking to bridge the gap between science and policy to achieve Net Zero.

On Thursday, 23 November 2023, Forest Research hosted Rebecca Pow, MP, at our Alice Holt site in Hampshire. The visit coincided with her appointment as the new Forestry Minister. Announcing...
A previously rare fungus known as Curreya pithyophila is now infesting shoots and branches of Scots pine in an apparently symbiotic association with the native adelgid species, Pineus pini. So...

The factsheets provide concise summaries of information from scientific research and are aimed at practitioners, individuals and organisations who want to understand more about trees, forests and climate change.

As part of National Plant Health Week in May, Check a Sweet Chestnut was launched. This is a collaboration between the RHS, Defra, APHA, Forest Research and Observatree looking to...