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Forestry Banner Partnership and Collaboration

Who we collaborate with

We work with a wide range of organisations and individuals in regional, national and transnational research projects. Our collaborative approach is suitable for commercially focused and privately funded studies as well as strategic and fundamental science projects funded through national and European research programmes. We work with:

The Forestry Commission and government

Many Forest Research staff are considered world-class experts and thought leaders on evidence-based forest management. As part of our activities for the Forestry Commission, senior staff provide input to Parliamentary Inquiries and sit on key committees of national and international organisations. We also win competitive tenders to deliver policy-related research support to other government departments, including Defra, DECC, BIS, the Scottish and Welsh Governments and the European Commission.

Businesses and charitable trusts

We provide advice and consultancy to a wide range of non-government clients, including not-for-profit organisations, non-governmental organisations, businesses and charities. Such contracts are often awarded following rigorous, competitive tenders, such as work currently being undertaken for the Energy Technologies Institute.

Forest Research also works with businesses and charitable trusts across Europe to support conservation work and develop common strategic interests.

The National Trust and the Woodland Trust are partners in the LIFE Observatree project, which is building a tree health early warning system using citizen science. The Small Woods Association and Northwoods are partners in the EU-funded SIMWOOD project, which aims to mobilise forest owners to help meet Europe’s increasing demand for wood.

Universities and other research institutions

Partnerships with universities and other research institutions are vital. Increasingly, public science funding bodies (e.g. Research Councils in the UK) and government departments are pooling their funding to tackle cross-cutting societal challenges and achieve a better return on their investments.

Forest Research has recently been able to develop a number of new research collaborations through the Tree Health and Plant Biosecurity Initiative, developed by the RCUK ‘Living with Environmental Change’ (LWEC) programme.

Forest Research is also active in several Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs), funded by Research Councils to equip PhD students with the skills and training needed by the forestry sector. Our CDT collaborations develop a healthy, two-way flow of ideas; they also build up our contacts and networks which are increasingly important for successful research and exploitation. By providing access to our substantial environmental datasets and research infrastructure, PhD students support innovative studies and are key participants in most of our projects.

What partners / collaborators can get

Work requested by the Forestry Commission provides practical, evidence-based guidelines on forestry operations, management and silvicultural practices. We deliver these projects in partnership with a wide range of organisations and individuals across Britain’s forestry sector.

Forest Research’s involvement in EU-funded research goes back over 30 years, to our involvement in the Third Framework Programme (FP3). Over the years, our European contacts have grown and we have become a trusted European project partner.

Let us work with you

  • Consultancy: If you or your organisation is looking for answers to a particular problem, or want to commission a study to generate evidence for policy development, please contact us so we can discuss your ideas. We can provide forestry-related advice and commercially focused R&D. We have the facilities, expertise and individuals to deliver high quality results.
  • Collaborative research: If you are a member of an existing project consortium looking for additional research partners, or just have an idea that needs our facilities and expertise, please get in touch.
  • Resources and services: Discover our wide range of forestry-related products and services, including laboratory diagnostic and analysis services, computer-based modelling and decision support tools based on our latest research findings.

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