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Selected references

A book – The cultural heritage of woodlands in the South East

A book focusing on woodland heritage was published by the Forestry Commission, Natural England, and AONB partners. Entitled ‘The cultural heritage of woodlands in the South East’, the book was produced by the SE AONBs Woodlands Programme, one of four programmes across the country funded by the Countryside Agency (now part of Natural England) and the Forestry Commission.

The book was commissioned by the Programme on behalf of the High Weald, Kent Downs, and Surrey Hills AONBs, three areas where the history of woodlands and woodland use, and the way these have shaped each landscape are a large extent intertwined. The book, however, places these AONBs in the wider context of the South East, by examining the cultural heritage of woodlands across the region.

Exploring your woodland’s history

The Clowes Wood Archaeological Project 2002-2004: A guide for community groups and woodland owners (PDF-2559 KB)

Other selected references

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Veteran trees: Selected further reading

English Nature – Various publications on veteran trees are available from the Natural England (formerly English Nature) website, some as freely downloadable documents.

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