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Sawmills and round fencing manufacturers were also asked whether they held a Chain of Custody certificate. 69% of sawmills for which the certification status was known held a Chain of Custody certificate in 2017 (Table 2.29).  This proportion varied with size of mill, from 36% for mills producing less than 5 thousand m3 sawnwood to 100% for those producing 25 thousand m3 sawnwood or more.  The majority (63%) of round fencing manufacturers for which the certification status was known held a Chain of Custody certificate.

Table 2.29 Chain of custody certificates, 2017

  Mills holding certificate Mills without certificate Certification status not known Total1
Sawmills2 (size of mill3)        
<5 10 18 75 103
5 – <25 13 4 17 34
25+ 26 0 1 27
All sawmills 49 22 93 164
Round fencing manufacturers 12 7 31 50

Source: industry surveys


1. Includes non-respondents to survey in current year.

2. For large sawmills (those producing at least 25 thousand cubic metres) that did not report whether they held a certificate or did not respond to the 2017 survey, the certification status was obtained from the FSC database, where possible.

3. Categories are based on total sawnwood production (softwood and hardwood), in thousand cubic metres.

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