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Products and services that link environmental and biodiversity factors to forest and woodland practice.

  • 'Benefits of green infrastructure' knowledge portal
    Contains key publications relating to/containing information on the benefits of green infrastructure, including research, policy, evidence notes and case studies.
  • Deer Model
    Red deer population dynamics model.
  • Ecological Site Classification Decision Support System
    Software to help guide forest managers and planners to select ecologically suited species to sites, instead of selecting a species and trying to modify the site to suit.
  • ForestGALES
    Decision support tool to enable forest managers to estimate the probability of wind damage to any conifer stand in Britain.
  • Herbicide Advisor
    Web-based expert system to advise on the relative efficacy of different herbicides for scenarios with a mix of weed and crop species, at varying times of the year.
  • Native Woodland Survey of Scotland (NWSS)
    This allows you to see the detailed attributes of all native woodlands in Scotland which were visited as part of the recent NWSS field survey and forms an ideal data source for woodland management planning.
  • Woodfuel Resource in Great Britain
    A web-based application that enables you to request the potentially available woodfuel resource in Great Britain.
  • Woodland Grazing Toolbox
    A guide to developing a woodland grazing plan to decide what sort of grazing best suits your woodland.
Tools & Resources
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Tools & Resources