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Wood-based panels


Data on the wood-based panel sector are obtained from the Wood Panel Industries Federation (WPIF, and cover all wood-based panel mills in the UK.

Statistics reported for each year are available at a UK level only.


Data collected

Data are collected on inputs and on production.

The data collected on inputs covers the type of input (roundwood, sawmill products, imports, recycled wood fibre) and the type of wood (softwood, hardwood).

Production data covers all types of wood-based panels made in the UK, which currently comprises particleboard (including oriented strand board) and fibreboard (medium density fibreboard). UK production of hardboard (another type of fibreboard) ended in the UK in 1999 and production of plywood ended in 2000.

From 2008, total employment is also requested, to complement the data being collected on this topic from other primary wood processors.



The data on wood-based panels are collected by the WPIF, which represents all UK wood panel manufacturers. Figures on wood consumption are collected annually. Production data (excluding waste and rejects) are derived from quarterly returns. Response rates in recent years have been 100%.



The statistics on wood-based panels are not normally revised after publication. On occasion, a provisional figure or estimate may be published, and replaced by the actual figure in a subsequent publication.

Figures for 2016 are final; provisional figures were previously released in “UK Wood Production and Trade: 2016 provisional figures”.

Figures for 2016 and earlier years have not been revised from those in “Forestry Statistics 2016”.


Release schedule

Provisional figures for 2017 will be released on 17 May 2018 in “UK Wood Production and Trade: 2017 provisional figures”.

Final figures for 2017 will be released on 27 September 2018 in “Forestry Statistics 2018” and “Forestry Facts & Figures 2018”.

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