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The Forestry Commission provides UK data to a number of international organisations.

The Forest Resources Assessment is compiled every 5 years.

Indicators are compiled at intervals of 4 years for the Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe (MCPFE) now branded as Forest Europe.

The Joint Forest Sector Questionnaire collects data annually on removals, production and trade of wood and wood products.

The UNECE Timber Forecast questionnaire collects annual estimates and forecasts of removals, production and trade of wood and wood products.

European Forest Accounts covers annual data on stocks and flows of woodlands and timber and economic data on forestry that is submitted to Eurostat for the European Forest Accounts. Economic data was previously reported in the Integrated Environmental and Economic Accounting for Forestry and the Economic Accounts for Forestry.

The Joint Wood Energy Enquiry is compiled every 2 years.

Other international returns include an Enquiry on European Private Forest Ownership.


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