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Wood pellets and briquettes are processed wood products that can be made from roundwood, sawmill products and/or recycled wood. Some of the wood used to make wood pellets and briquettes will be accounted for elsewhere in this release (e.g. in Tables 2.30 and 2.31). Wood pellets and briquettes are often used for woodfuel, but pellets may also be used for other purposes (such as horse bedding or cat litter).

A total of 329 thousand tonnes of wood pellets and briquettes are estimated to have been produced in the UK in 2016. This represents a 4% decrease from the 2015 estimate of 343 thousand tonnes.

Table 2.32 Wood pellet production, 2009-2016

Year Total
  thousand tonnes
2009 118
2010 197
2011 244
2012 278
2013 301
2014 354
2015 343
2016 329

Source: Survey of UK Pellet and Briquette Production

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