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Monitoring at this plot is currently suspended.

Current and planned research projects related to this plot


A summary of the variables monitored at this site can be found here.




Date of installation 14/06/1995
Planting year 1965
Main tree species Scots Pine
Other tree species present in plot None
Forest type Plantation
Sylvicultural system  
Tree density 1909 trees/ha
Biomass/volume 243 m3/ha (2005)
Basal area 47.2 m2/ha (2005)
Local Yield Class 9
Plot dimensions 0.305 ha
Altitude 470 m
Mean slope 25-30 m
Geology Quaternary sands and gravel
Topography Concave at bottom to convex at top, small platforms and shallow wet gullies.
Aspect West
Rainfall 1500 mm
Provisional soil type (FAO 1988) Gleyic podzol


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