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The Level II network is a valuable platform for atmospheric pollution research, and related environmental and biological projects.

The Centre for Forestry and Climate Change of Forest Research is engaged in a range of central and supporting studies of forest ecosystem functioning using Level II data.

Some examples of studies involving the use of Level II data are cited below.

Project Site(s)
Dissolved organic carbon in soil solution Coalburn, Grizedale, Llyn Brianne, Savernake, Lady Bower, Thetford, Tummel

Evaluation of the use of commercial tree nurseries to monitor visible ozone injury and assess exceedance of the ozone critical load at Level 1:

Improving methodologies for measuring stem-flow in forest plots Alice Holt/Straits
Investigation of canopy throughfall and interception Alice Holt/Straits
Linking defoliation by Tortrix with tree growth and tree nutrient status Grizedale
Ectomycorrhizal fungal communities Rannoch, Lady Bower, Thetford
Monitoring canopy exposure to ozone Alice Holt/Straits, Grizedale, Thetford
Sampling soil in forests: accounting for spatial variation Coalburn, Rannoch, Savernake
Straits flux station Alice Holt/Straits
Soil mineral weathering rates Alice Holt/Straits, Coalburn, Grizedale
Llyn Brianne, Loch Awe, Rannoch, Savernake, Lady Bower, Thetford, Tummel
Woodland burial studies Alice Holt/Straits
Environmental change network Alice Holt/Straits
Further development and implementation of an EU-level forest monitoring system (FutMon) Alice Holt/Straits, Llyn Brianne, Micheldever, Rannoch, Rogate, Lady Bower, Thetford


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