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The Environmental Change Network (ECN) is an integrated monitoring programme, which provides a network of sites in the UK where comparable environmental measurements are made. Its overall objective is to provide comparable environmental data to aid in the detection of environmental change and its effects across the UK.

ECN site map

The Alice Holt site

Alice Holt forest is one of twelve sites, which currently make up the ECN terrestrial network and which operate to a uniform system of long term data collection of core measurements. The site (Latitude 0 deg 50 min W, Longitude 51 deg 10 min N) lies in the Weald between the North and South Downs in southern England. The target sampling square is located in semi-natural oak woodland, although the principal species within the 850 ha of Alice Holt forest is Corsican pine.

Research objectives

  • To provide integration and analysis of environmental data to improve our understanding of the drivers and responses of environmental change
  • To identify natural and human induced change and understand their causes
  • To make comparable long-term data sets available for research purposes.

Our Involvement

The Alice Holt site is run by Forest Research on behalf of the Forestry Commission and is funded by the Forestry Commission Integrated forest monitoring programme

Links to related external publications

Ashwood, F., Vanguelova, E.I., Benham, S. et al. Developing a systematic sampling method for earthworms in and around deadwood. (2019) For. Ecosyst. (2019) 6: 33.

Susannah Rennie, Chris Andrews, Sarah Atkinson, Deborah Beaumont, Sue Benham, Vic Bowmaker, Jan Dick, Bev Dodd, Colm McKenna, Denise Pallett, Rob Rose, Stefanie M. Schäfer, Tony Scott, Carol Taylor, and Helen Watson The UK Environmental Change Network datasets – integrated and co-located data for long-term environmental research (1993–2015.

Evidence for increases in vegetation species richness across UK Environmental Change Network sites linked to changes in air pollution and weather patterns

Analysis of temporal change in delivery of ecosystem services over 20 years at long term monitoring sites of the UK Environmental Change Network

Short and long term changes in carbon, nitrogen and acidity in the forest soils under oak at the Alice Holt Environmental Change Network site

Trends and variability in weather and atmospheric deposition at UK Environmental Change Network sites (1993-2012)

A comparison of ecosystem services delivered by 11 long-term monitoring sites in the UK environmental change network

Funding & partners
  • ecn logoA consortium of sponsoring organizations consisting of Government Departments and Agencies operates the ECN network.
  • Logo of the Centre for Ecology and HydrologyThe ECN network is managed on behalf of the consortium by the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH).
Integrated forest monitoring
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Integrated forest monitoring

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