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THIS PLOT IS NOW CLOSED. No monitoring is currently carried out at this plot.

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A summary of the variables monitored at this site can be found here.




Date of installation 19/06/1995
Planting year 1969
Felling year 2015
Main tree species Sitka Spruce
Other tree species present in plot  
Forest type  
Sylvicultural system Plantation. BEAR code 33
Tree density  
Biomass/volume 779 m3/ha (2005)
Basal area 92.4 m2/ha (2005)
Local Yield Class 17
Plot dimensions 0.3081 ha
Altitude 400 m
Mean slope 8 %
Topography Upland
Aspect South West
Rainfall 1500 mm
Provisional soil type (FAO 1988) Ferric podzol


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