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Soil profile

Depth Horizon Detail
2 cm L Needles and twigs; abrupt, smooth boundary.
4 cm F Abrupt, smooth boundary.
0 to 13 cm Black (2.5/N) humus; few medium woody and fibrous roots; very smooth abrupt boundary.
13 to 28 cm A Greyish brown (10 YR 5/2) silty clay loam; some localized colour change; massive ped A structure, hard when dry, sticky when wet; few fine and medium woody and fibrous roots; no voids; no cementing; no compaction; no nodules; sharp smooth boundary.
28 to 60 cm Bg Dark greyish brown (10 YR 4/2), with many medium, sharply defined, grey (7.5 YR 6/I) Bg and strong brown (7.5 YR 5/8) mottles; silty loam; many fine to medium angular weathered fragments; very fine blocky structure of moderate strength and friable consistency; many fine interstitial voids; very few, very fine roots; no cementation or compaction; Fe concretions, many faint cutanic features; clay and sesquioxides located on fragments and roots; smooth and abrupt boundary.
60 to 100 cm BC Dark brown (10 YR 3/3) sandy loam; abundant flat fine gravel to large boulders (smaller BC fragments more abundant); medium blocky structure, weakly developed, friable consistency; few fine interstitial voids; very few woody roots; no mottling, many distinct cutanic features around stones clay and sesquioxides.

Soil chemistry and particle size distribution (%) data are also available for various horizons (sample date: 19/07/95). Contact Sue Benham.

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