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Climate change forestry news from both Forest Research and the wider industry, including the latest climate change research, projects, publications and events.  


Looking to make your woodland resilient to climate change?  Take a look at Forest Research’s new Climate Change Hub – a comprehensive online resource that centralises and distils climate change adaptation advice for forest and woodland owners and managers in the UK.

24th January 2023

Forest Research-led mapping reveals extent of damage from 2021’s winter storms as woodland owners are encouraged to plant and manage more diverse and resilient forests of varying ages and species in the face of climate change.

30th November 2022

Countryfile presenter Tom Heap visited the Forest Research flux tower to discover how climate change scientists are understanding the carbon cycle of a typical broadleaf forest.

22nd November 2022
A new United Kingdom-wide guide outlining how our forests and woodlands can reduce the damaging effects and financial impact of flooding on vulnerable communities has been published by the Forestry...
26th October 2022

The APF Exhibition 22-24 September provided the ideal opportunity for members of the Forestry and Climate Change Partnership (FCCP) to network and reinforce their commitment to climate change by promoting the FCCP Adaptation Accord.

29th September 2022

Recent research published by ClimateXChange explored the potential of agroforestry to contribute to greenhouse gas emissions reductions targets and the economic viability of adopting agroforestry.

9th September 2022

Forestry, conservation and government organisations, including Forest Research have come together to reaffirm their commitment to work together to promote the importance of adapting trees, woods and forests to climate change.

30th June 2022

The guide outlines the steps that can be taken to foster woodlands which will be resilient to current and future threats as a result of climate change.

14th May 2022

On 9 April 2022 forestry and tree organisations will be holding the UK’s first ever ‘mapathon’ in which hundreds of volunteers will undertake online tree canopy cover assessments of urban council wards across the UK…

1st April 2022