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Climate Change Adaptation Trail

Join Senior Climate Scientist Gail Atkinson as she discusses a range of adaptation measures on the Climate Change Adaptation Trail at Alice Holt Forest on the Hampshire/Surrey border. The trail aims to inspire woodland managers to take action and start thinking about how to adapt management practices to better prepare for the changing climate. Find out more about the trail where you’ll also find links to download a self-guided trail guide and worksheet.

This video complements the Alice Holt Forest adaptation case study, which explains why demonstration areas were set up and how adaptation measures were identified and implemented as part of the Forest Design Plan for Alice Holt Forest (2016-2026).

Case Studies

Steep ground harvesting and landslide prevention: the A82 project

Alan Gale from Forestry and Land Scotland introduces this ambitious project to reduce the risk of windthrow and stabilise the steep slopes that border sections of the A82 between Fort William and Inverness. Existing mature conifer stands are being harvested and replaced by broadleaf species to help increase resilience to climate change risks and minimise the risk of landslides on the busy road below. We also showcase the decision support tools used to identify appropriate adaptation measures, and the importance of planning for the future climate.

Planning 200 years ahead in Gipps Wood, Sussex

Meet Estate Manager Ruth Wallis, who helps oversee a 3 ha bicentenary plantation in Sussex that was designed to be resilient to the changing climate in 200 years. Ruth explains the background to this innovative project and how they used a combination of local knowledge, expert advice and data from the Ecological Classification Tool (ESC) to select a total of seven tree species.

Managing a woodland with acute oak decline – Bell Coppice

Forestry consultant Andrew Woods discusses the management of 80 ha family-owned Bell Coppice woodland in the Midlands with acute oak decline (AOD) and the measures that have been taken to adapt to climate change. Principal Pathologist Sandra Denman explains what AOD is, the impact on timber and ways to help control the disease, and Research Entomologist Daegan Inward discusses the impact of climate change on trees and AOD.

An Introduction to Climate Change Adaptation

Our climate is changing, and in order to increase resilience to the impact of risks including frost, flooding and wildfire, changes are needed to established forestry practice.

Climate change animations

This series of short animations provide concise overviews of key climate change topics that are covered in our more detailed climate change factsheets.

Scotland and climate change video series (ClimateXChange, 2013)

These videos provide guidance on how Scottish forests can increase resilience.  They were funded by ClimateXChange, the Scottish Government’s centre of expertise on climate change.

Decision making tool videos

Ecological Site Classification (ESC) tutorial videos
Climate matching tool

Forest Research project and seminar videos

Science Seminar: Adapting forest and woodland management to the changing climate
FOSPREF European wind damage project
Enhancing the resilience of our trees, woods and forests – a framework for implementation (2022)
Impacts of future climate change on forest ecosystems services in Scotland (2015)