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Climate Change Hub

Management objectives will differ between woodlands and areas within the woodland and different components are often complementary. Adaptation planning includes reviewing the main management objectives for a site, under the overarching objective of sustainable forest management as defined in the UK Forestry Standard, and considering how the changing climate is likely to require changed management in order to meet those objectives.

When assessing adaptation interventions to reduce identified risks from climate change, it is important to take into account the impact of interventions on management objectives for each site and carefully consider how best to optimise benefits.

Our management objectives pages discuss the climate change impacts on the woodland management and forestry sector and provide signposting to relevant information and resources.

In this section

We look at climate change impacts on forestry and the supply chain, and the increasing urgency for adaptation action.
Discover the ecological benefits of active woodland management as climate change risks increase.
We address the importance of selecting suitable measures to support woodland habits and the species they support.

Decision Support Tools

There are range of online tools to assist managers in assessing risks to forest and woodlands and selecting appropriate adaption measures.