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Climate Change Hub

We have handpicked a selection of climate change publications that include practical guidance for managers looking to improve the resilience of their land, in the face of an increasingly unpredictable climate.

Published in 2022 by Forest Research, this publication builds on the UK Forestry Standard that advocates a risk-based approach to adaptation and guides practitioners through the process of assessing risks and implementing appropriate adaptation measures. It is available as a PDF download and printed copies can be purchased on request.

Developed jointly by Natural England and the RSPB, this manual helps supports practical decision-making for climate change adaptation. It is aimed at those involved in the management of land for conservation and amenity and includes information on habitat management, species and green infrastructure. Published in 2020 by Natural England.

Produced in 2020 by the Forestry Commission, this short guide is designed to help foresters and agents to implement adaptation actions and provides an accessible introduction to the more detailed advice you can find in the UK Forestry Standard Practice Guide.

This Practice Guide supports the UK Forestry Standard and applies to both new and existing forests and woodland. It is aimed at forest and woodland owners and managers and all those involved in adaptive management looking to mitigate the increasing risk of wildfire events. Published by the Forestry Commission: Edinburgh in 2014.

A short guide to help local authorities and landowning businesses achieve net zero through new woodland creation, produced by the Forestry Commission in 2022. Includes information on grant funding and how to calculate how much woodland you need to plant.

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Official country guidance

Forestry is a devolved matter in the UK, so each country has their own forestry programmes or strategies that set out policies and priorities for woodland creation and management. Forestry research and the communication of sustainable forestry management, however, is conducted at UK level.

You will therefore find climate change adaptation guidance and resources on the Climate Change Hub to be UK-wide, for example UK Forestry Standard publications, although any significant local variations will be highlighted where appropriate.

Additional publications

European Forest Institute: Forest-based climate change mitigation and adaptation in Europe (2022)