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Themes: Urban Trees And Greenspaces

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  • Research

    i-Tree Eco Edinburgh

    An assessment of the ecosystem services provided by Edinburgh city's urban trees. Keywords: iTree Eco, Ecosystem Services, Urban, Trees, Greenspace, Valuation, Edinburgh, CSGN
  • Research

    i-Tree Eco in the UK: impact on the management of urban trees

    Forest Research are reviewing the impact on i-Tree Eco on the management of urban trees. If you have experience of i-Tree Eco and are interested in participating please read this page.
  • Publications

    Delivery of ecosystem services by urban forests

    Lead Author: Helen Davies
    This Research Report looks at a broad range of urban forest-based ecosystem services and disservices and, using a literature review, links their provision with four aspects of urban forests (physical scale, physical structure and context in terms of location and proximity to people and land use and ownership). A key objective of this report is […]
  • Research

    i-Tree Eco services provided by Forest Research

    Summary of i-Tree related services and training offered by Forest Research and it's partner Treeconomics.
  • Publications

    Allometric relationships for urban trees in Great Britain

    Lead Author: Madalena Vaz Monteiro
    Tree allometry describes the relationships between tree biometric variables, such as tree diameter, height and crown width. Understanding of these relationships helps urban foresters to assess many of the economic and ecological benefits (e.g. carbon storage, rainwater interception and regulation of temperatures) provided by trees, such as through the use of the urban forest management […]
  • Research

    Designing and delivering an i-Tree Eco project

    Information on how to design an i-Tree Eco project
  • Research

    Estimating the leaf area of urban trees

    Describes the use of HemiView to estimate the leaf area of urban trees
  • Research

    Allometry of urban trees

    Research to study the variance in the allometric relationships of urban trees.
  • Research

    i-Tree science

    Describes the scientific research being undertaken to support the i-Tree suite of tools in the UK
  • Research

    i-Tree resources

    Describes the i-Tree ecosystem service valuation tool
  • Research


    Describes the treezilla tree mapping project
  • Research

    Growth rate of trees in the urban environment

    Describes research into the growth rate of trees in the urban environment in support of the i-Tree project