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This page provides details on the range of services offered by Forest Research, and partners, to assist you in designing, running and reporting an i-Tree Eco study. We are available to advise on i-Tree, the merits and process of conducting an i-Tree Eco study and ‘How to get started’.

See also our related page on Designing an i-Tree Eco project.

Prices are available upon application, for single and multiple services.


This project is ongoing.

Services offered


  • Using i-Tree Canopy and GIS tools for assessing Tree Canopy Cover (a very useful precursor analysis to a full i-Tree Eco study)
  • Commissioning an i-Tree Eco Project
  • Using i-Tree Eco version 6

Project Planning

  • Designing your i-Tree Eco project including the project objectives, number of plots, the project timeline, audiences, media and dissemination of the report

Project Preparation

  • Preparation of plot and survey sheets, issuing letters

Project Delivery

  • Training you and your surveyors in the i-Tree Eco survey approach
  • Fieldwork (we’ll conduct the surveying of your i-Tree Eco plots)
  • Quality Assurance / Supervision (we’ll survey a percentage of your plots to validate your surveyors)
  • Extended i-Tree analysis including (but not limited too) CAVAT Quick Method valuations, Building’s Energy Use Saving’s valuations and Urban Cooling valuations


  • A basic facts-and-figures technical report
  • Extended and bespoke report – including all the essential facts and figures, plus interpretation, local contextualisation and layout and design options
  • An Urban Forest Management strategy developed from the i-Tree Eco results

Project Support

  • Ad hoc and case specific support to your Eco project, on a call-down basis


Kieron Doick

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