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Do you have experience of i-Tree Eco?

Forest Research is looking for your help to assess the impact of        i-Tree Eco surveys on urban tree management.

i-Tree Eco surveys provide information on the structure, condition and value of the urban forest (i.e. all the trees in the urban realm).

Since its pilot in Torbay in 2011, i-Tree Eco surveys have been carried out in more than a dozen urban areas across Wales, Scotland and England.

The surveys have provided a monetary value for the services trees provide for urban areas. For example London’s i-Tree Eco survey estimated that the city’s 8.4 million trees provide more than £133 million worth of benefits annually.

Forest Research is reviewing the impact that these surveys have had on attitudes, policy and management associated with the urban forest in order to understand how better to utilise these surveys and their results in the future.


Kieron Doick

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i-Tree Eco

Bringing a fully functioning i-Tree Eco to the UK to support the quantification, valuation and resource management of urban trees, greenspaces and forests.

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