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    Green networks and people

    This page is about Forest Research’s work to help town planners join up open space into urban green networks.
  • Research

    Payments for ecosystem services

    Investigating a framework of incentives covering financing and paying for the benefits provided by ecosystems to households, communities and economies
  • Research

    Models for adaptive forest management (MOTIVE)

    This page summarises the work of the ‘Models for Adaptive Forest Management’ (MOTIVE) project, funded by the EU Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).
  • Research

    Transnational forestry management (ForeStClim)

    This page summarises the main findings and recommendations of the ‘Transnational Forestry Management Strategies in Response to Regional Climate Change Impacts’ (ForeStClim) project, funded by the EU Interreg IVB North West Europe (NEW) programme.
  • Research

    Ecology of upland native woodlands

    Investigating the influence of different management options and ecological processes on the condition of upland native woodland habitats
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    Habitat networks

    Principles and techniques for developing FHNs, includes models to assess and measure the ecological function FHNs as an aid to woodland planning and woodland management for biodiversity benefits
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    Landscape ecology

    Landscape Ecology at Forest Research, including principles and applications